Spelling Games PRO - 8 in 1 (Android)

Spelling Games PRO - 8 in 1 (Android)

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Este desarrollador tiene muchos juegos sobre palabras (siempre en inglés, que quede claro), pero los que suele poner en oferta son los que solo contienen de un tipo. El de hoy es una app recopilatoria de otras 8. Son muy buenas para repasar la ortografía y el vocabulario inglés.

Como siempre, si le das a instalar se queda gratis en tu cuenta para siempre aunque cortes la descarga.

Spelling Games PRO - 8 in 1 (Android)

Spelling Games PRO is the best collection of 8

different educational spelling games in a single app! Spelling Games

will sharpen your spelling and typing skills in an entertaining and

challenging way! Play and learn at the same time!

✓ Spelling

Games PRO is the biggest spelling app on the market - not only that it

contains 8 different spelling games (8 separate applications), but each

game included contains a few different game modes, so you have many

different ways to test and practice your spelling skills!

✓ Spelling Games PRO is highscores based - you can submit your points and see points of other people from all around the world!

✓ All the games are playable offline, no internet needed!

Play and learn at the same time - education has never been such fun!


✓ 8 different spelling games included.
✓ Download once & play all the games from one place, offline or online (if you want to submit your points).
✓ Local and global leaderboards - challenge people from all around the world.

Multiplayer - some games contain multiplayer. Add up to 5 players that

will play a chosen game against each other (one by one) on a single

device! Perfect way to challenge your friends or family members!
✓ Editor - some games you can play with your own words. A perfect way to practice words that you are having problems with.
✓ Games contain thousands of most misspelled English words.
✓ Learn new words and improve your memory skills
✓ Each game included contains a test mode & and practice mode.
✓ More games your play, better overall score you get.
✓ No ads & no In-App purchases


✓ Spelling Master
✓ Spelling Test
✓ Spelling Gaps
✓ Spelling Check
✓ Spelling Challenge
✓ Spelling Pro
✓ Spelling Right
✓ Spelling Piano Tiles

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