Curso/Masterclass de Sketch 6 - Aprende Diseño Web & Móvil (7 horas!)

Curso gratuito de #Udemy por tiempo limitado con muy buenas valoraciones!
7 horas de vídeo bajo demanda (en inglés, con la posibilidad de añadir subtítulos) en las que aprenderás:
  • Students will need to purchase Sketch or download a Trial version from the app store
  • Windows users: You'll need to be running OS X in a virtual environment
  • Strong desire to master one of the most popular programs around

Following the success of my previous courses on Sketch, I created this course to showcase Sketch 6 and packed it with a ton of new content. In this immersive course, I'll take you step-by-step through the basics of Sketch and show you how to design mobile app screens, web pages, and logos, all in one course!

Upon completion of the course, you'll have the confidence and real-world experience to start creating your own designs with Sketch.

Course Outline:

  • Start with the basics: Learn to draw and manipulate shapes, organize your workspace, manipulate images and customize fonts
  • Magazine Cover Project: Follow along as I show you my creative process and at the end, you'll have a chance to create your own design
  • Mobile App Screens: Learn how to create popular design elements for mobile app interfaces
  • Logos: Step-by-step walk-throughs for creating basic to advanced logos
  • Web Page Project: We'll breakdown popular website design elements and then I'll have you create your own website
  • Student Challenges: Throughout the course, I'll test your knowledge and skills with design challenges of all shapes and sizes
  • Knowledge Check: Your understanding of the topics covered will be tested in the form of quizzes
Class Resources & Support:

  • You'll see the process I use when designing and where I get my resources
  • Students of the course have the option to post questions, in the Q & A section on Udemy or in our Facebook group
Start your journey and find out why many of the fastest growing companies around are using Sketch.

¿Para quién es este curso?
  • Beginners looking to test the waters of Graphic Design and possibly change careers
  • Developers interested in becoming a double-threat by creating their own content
  • Experienced Graphic Artists and Web Designers who want to learn Sketch
Curso/Masterclass de Sketch 6 - Aprende Diseño Web & Móvil (7 horas!)



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