Curso completo de HTML5 + CS3 (Udemy. Inglés)

Curso completo de HTML5 + CS3 (Udemy. Inglés)

Excelente curso de HTML5+CS3 si quieres comenzar en el mundillo de la creación de páginas Webs. En el podrás identificar, conocer y reflexionar sobre los conceptos, estructuras, reglas y técnicas utilizadas en el diseño de páginas web con HTML5.

Interactive HTML5: Basics
  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML4 vs. HTML5
  • Making your first HTML page
  • Tools to create HTML files
  • Base HTML Tags
  • Paragrap Tags
  • Break Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Bold and Italic Tags
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists

Interactive HTML5: Advanced
  • Difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links
  • Hyperlinking to an external page
  • Hyperlinking to an email address
  • Hyperlinking to a file in your site
  • Playing and controlling audio
  • Playing and controlling video
  • Embedding a video
  • What is a Table - Pros and Cons
  • Table properties
  • Adding an iFrame
  • Adding an iFrame: Part 2
  • What is possible with a form using only HTML knowledge
  • Defining the form
  • Text fields and text areas
  • Radio buttons and check buttons
  • Data input and buttons
  • Proper file structure
  • Code commenting
  • Meta Tags

Bonus Section: Interactive CSS3
  • About the class - what you will need
  • What is CSS and why we will use it
  • What's new in CSS3
  • CSS Selectors, properties and attributes
  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Element Selectors
  • All Selectors
  • Internal Style Sheets
  • External Style Sheets
  • Inline Styles
  • The box model
  • Adding color
  • Working with fonts
  • Background Images
  • Background Images: Part 2
  • Styling Links
  • Styling ID Tags



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