Curso ¡40 RETOS para Programar en Python! [¡¡28 horas!!]

26/01/2020 Udemy
Curso gratuito de #Udemy por tiempo limitado con muy buenas valoraciones!
28 horas de vídeo bajo demanda (en inglés con la posibilidad de añadir subtítulos) en las que aprenderás:
Lo que aprenderás

Lo que aprenderás
Fundamental concepts of computer science that are transferable across ALL programming languages.
Foundations of the Python language as well as how to import and work with 8 libraries such as random, matplotlib, and tkinter.
How to actually write YOUR OWN programs. You will not sit back and watch. You will DO!
40 "Challenge Problems" that include, a problem description, detailed guide, example output, and completed code.
Communicate secretively with a friend by encoding/decoding information based on per-determined bodies of text.
Simulate the Power Ball Lottery and see how adjusting the number of balls affects the likelihood of becoming a billionaire.
See the devastating effect of interest on student loans and graph the results.
Create a GUI interface that simulates the spread of an infectious disease throughout a population.

Curso ¡40 RETOS para Programar en Python! [¡¡28 horas!!]



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